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Jirafa QX Aluminio 1.60m

Jirafa QX Aluminio 1.60m Ampliar

359,00 €


Jirafa QX de 1.60m de altura y rueda de 20"

Sencilla, manejable y ligera.

Medida ideal para performers.

They are not difficult to ride once you have mastered a normal unicycle, though free-mounting can be tricky. The Giraffe is high enough to look impressive while still being practical. 

The QX Giraffe is more precise, more stiff, more rigid - and incredibly light ...

- Wheel size: 20"
- Color: Black
- Frame: QX Aluminium
- Saddle: QU-AX saddle with integrated handle, white bumpers
- Seat post: 500mm x 25.4mm, Alu
- Seat clamp: QX Aluminium
- Tire: Kenda HP-tire, dual compound, takes up to 7 bars!
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Cranks: Alloy crankset (127 mm cranks) with cartridge bottom-bracket
- Pedals: White Profi NoSlip pedals
- Number of Spokes: 36
- White chain
- Bottom-bracket center at 93 cm
- Length center of bottom-brakcket -> top seattube 39,5 cm
- Leg length:
- Weight: 5,51kg

Not for jumping or trials!


Piñon extraible atornillado al eje con tornillos allen (sin soldadutas)

  • Cuadro de Aluminio - Negro
  • Cubierta 20" x 1.73"
  • Llanta anodizada en color azul
  • Cierre "rápido"


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